You Can Do It! You Have the Power!

skintagreThanks to various aspects of the media; fashion magazines, celebrities, television and social media platforms human beings are on a constant quest to look good. We spend time and energy picking ourselves apart and putting ourselves back together in a combination that we enjoy. While there are a lot of reasons why people want to look good it’s hopeful that people want to look good for themselves and not so that someone else will like them more. When reviewing yourself and identifying areas to change sometimes it’s better to start small. Some people will reshape their eyebrows and some will go for a new haircut or a new colour. If you suffer from skin tags and you want them removed, that could be an area you start with yourself.

Skin tags are generally harmless pieces of skin that like to grow in the folds of arms, the neck, groin area and sometimes by the eyelids. They don’t usually grow to more than 3mm across and a person could have anywhere from one to one hundred skin tags on their body at any given time. While they aren’t a health concern they can definitely be an annoyance. If you’ve got one at the base of your neck you might rip it off on a regular basis brushing your hair or shaving your face. Or maybe you’re a bit embarrassed that you’ve got one on your neck or near your face.

Instead of worrying and stressing about it, take action! You can remove skin tags on your own and in the comfort of your own home. Each method will depend on your own personal comfort levels, your budget or what tools you have on hand.

Some of the more expensive options, and time consuming, are using a skin tag removal cream or a freezing product such as Compound W®. For both of these methods you will need to first buy the product and both can take over a week to show results. The freezing option is generally a single application and then the skin tag will fall off on its own over a week or two and the cream option usually requires application twice a day for approximately two weeks. Both work by attacking the cells from the inside and killing the skin tag from within.

Another option is threading. This can also take a week or so before you see results but it is generally painless. You can do this by tying a piece of thread or a piece of floss as tight as you can around the base of the skin tag. This is a common method used for newborn babies who have skin tags when they’re born. By cutting off the blood flow the skin tag will eventually die and fall off on its own. This may be a good option if you have a skin tag by your eyes or near a sensitive area.

The final option is simply cutting off the skin tag. This is the only option that will give you instant results and can be achieved in your own home. Caution should be taken of course if you have a skin tag by your eye and in that case you may want to ask a medical professional to remove it. Otherwise, if you have a pair of nail scissors or a scalpel you can do this on your own. Simply sterilize your instrument and set yourself up in your bathroom where you’re comfortable. Depending on how steady your hands are you might draw a little blood but it should be anything serious. Just have some bandages on hand and you’ll be good to go!

See? Knew you had the power in you!

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