This has been a great era for the United States, and I know that this is probably a turning point in this country’s history. The election was just one step in the direction of making sense of some of the policies of the government, and a fantastic step at that.

But even though things are looking a little bit better in this country, the dialogue continues to be very caustic and awful. As a result, I will attempt to place articles on the site that are as nonpartisan as possible and are really reflecting the common sense that seemed to be missing from a lot of the political dialogue nowadays. I know that we are all sick and tired of seeing the media commenting politically on situations that really whenever political to start with, and I certainly do not intend to make this site into one of those nasty places.

I do encourage dialogue, however, as long as it is smart and not wasteful. Feel free to comment on any of the articles in this site. I welcome the discussion.


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